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Emirates Family Medicine Society 2018 Conference

The Emirates Family Medicine Society is presenting the 1st Emirates Family Medicine Society Conference in Dubai, between 11th and 13th of January 2018 at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel. This is a CME - Continuing Medical Education - Accredited Conference.

The Emirates Family Medicine Society has partnered up with the Emirates Medical Association (EMA) and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) into delivering the best Family Medicine Conference in the United Arab Emirates.

Brief Background

The Emirates Family Medicine Society is a non-profit Medical Society established in 2003 under the umbrella of Emirates Medical Association representing a cross section of Family Doctors and General Practitioners who are actively involved in the management of primary health care. The Emirates Family Medicine Society is the primary Medical Society in the United Arab Emirates responsible for research, education and dissemination for disease prevention and health promotion in the medical and non-medical community. The society conducts a wide variety of educational programs including scientific meetings and campaigns in line with the framework of the World Health Organization. These education programs are catered for Family Medicine educators who would like to update themselves in the latest trends in Family Medicine.

The Emirates Family Medicine Society, in a collaborative efort also partners with the World Organization of Family Doctors to ensure the delivery of high standard healthcare and education in the country.


  • To educate the community about the importance of family practice programs for delivering a high standard healthcare.
  • To encourage the dissemination of information about disease prevention and family practice.
  • To address concerns regarding universal health coverage and the lack of family medicine programs in the region.
  • To generate awareness with reference to family practice by generating a step-by-step approach in establishing educational programs.


World Organization of Family Doctors Inc.



The Emirates Family Medicine Society regularly holds meetings, conferences and forums in order to improve professional experience of family medicine specialists and to refine the healthcare standard in the country through exchange of insights among experts and academies. The Society is a full member of of the World Federation of Family Doctors (WONCA) of Family Doctors and fully supports conferences organized by the Federation and other regional and international bodies.

The Emirates Family Medicine Society joined the World Health Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) in celebrating the World Family Doctor Day by emphasizing the importance of family practice programs for delivering quality primary health care and accelerating progress towards universal health coverage in the region. The Society also supports WHO on its agenda to develop short-term training courses in collaboration with academic institutions including a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills based on global best practices.

Aside from supporting campaigns and conferences organized by different international bodies, the Emirates Family Medicine Society closely worked with WONCA in hosting the 1st WONCA EMR Family Medicine Congress last 2011 in Dubai with the theme Provision of Primary Health Care and Family Medicine in the 21st century. The congress addressed the latest developments, trends, scientific research and technological advancements in the field of Family Medicine and their impact on Public Health improvement. It was joint in by well renowned key note speakers who shared their experiences in giving light to the issue being faced by the field of Family Medicine. These conferences’ main goals are to improve the quality of life of the masses by promoting a high standard of care in general practice and continuing care to individuals in the context of the family and the community an to be a forum for exchange of knowledge among general practitioners, researchers and academies.

In the near future, the Emirates Family Medicine Society will be holding the World Conference of Family Doctors in Abu Dhabi after the Society won the bidding. WONCA 2020 will take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre and is expected to attract participation of at least 4000 delegates across the world. The conference will discuss a wide variety of topics related to the development of Family Medicine. WONCA 2020 is considered as a major milestone for the Society as it is the first time WONCA will be held in the Eastern Mediterranean region.